Motilal Oswal Review (An Honest & Detailed Review)

motilal oswal review

Motilal Oswal, known for solid research and advisory services, is a full-service broker with a customer base of more than 10 Lakh.    The products and services offered include; Retail broking  IPO &  mutual funds investment Portfolio & wealth management Insurance Gold investment With Motilal Oswal you can invest in Stocks, Equity derivatives, Currency F&O, Currency … Read more

How to Difference Between Equity Share And Preference Share

Equity Share vs Preference Share

We go through several news channels, business channel discussions, and articles on financial blogs that talk about regular stocks. Those are basically equity shares.  But there’s another type of share called preference share that companies issue to raise additional capital for business operations to control its debt to equity ratio. The debt-to-equity (D/E) ratio is … Read more

Kotak Securities Vs Zerodha Comparison

Kotak Securities vs Zerodha

Kotak Securities and Zerodha are at extremes in terms of brokerage and product offerings.  Zerodha is a discount broker with low brokerages, minimal support, and chargeable value products like  Stock Screeners and  SmallCase.   On the other hand, Kotak Securities is a full-service broker with percentage-based brokerage and a wide range of products and services like PMS and … Read more

What is the Face Value of Every Share

face value of a share

Most beginner investors get confused between the face value and market value because from the name “face value” it seems like the value or price of a stock.  But face value is actually the initial value of stock directly proportional to the initial equity capital declared at the time of stock market listing. Let’s discuss … Read more

How to Calculate Fair Value of Indian Stock

How to calculate fair value of indian stock

You have many times heard about a stock being undervalued or stock being overvalued. That sparks curiosity about what is the actual value of a stock.  That actual value is also called the fair value.  Don’t confuse fair value with market value because the market value could be higher or lower depending on various factors … Read more

4 Major Difference Between Book Value and Liquidation Value

Book value and liquidation value are tools used to understand the worth of a company before investing.  Let’s start with a quick comparison of both tools. Book Value Vs Liquidation Value – Quick Comparison Book value is the company’s assets value as mentioned in the balance sheets published by the company whereas Liquidation value is … Read more